GF Legal is a Law firm with offices in Milan, Rome and London. Founded by Cristina Gandolfi and Mario Fusani, it  features a dynamic and an active structure based on a very careful  employee selection process  and on  a vast network of collaborators, both locally and internationally.
GF offers professional services which are  aimed at the implementation of  interventions addressed to corporations and companies operating in diverse economic realities  in need of legal advice and support.
The firm provides “Tailor-made” solutions for its clients in in -court legal disputes as well as out of court extrajudicial matters.
GF Legal also provides legal advice and solutions for all aspects  of civil law administrative issues  in connection with  the aforementioned sectors.

  • Labor Law
  • Trade union rights in its negotiation and contractual aspects
  • Assistance in the process of corporate restructuring
  • Commercial
  • Contracts
GF LEGAL STP | Sede Legale: Via Boncompagni, 93 - 00187 Roma (RM) - Italy | p.iva 10723741004
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